Thursday, 9 January 2014

My Mascara Collection

Hey everyone! Happy New Year and welcome to 2014 on Collars and Chocolates. This year I promise to blog much much more than I have previously, although I'm still a student so the posts may not be a regular as I really would like them to be! 

However, today I'm going to be showing you guys my mascara collection! Mascara is something that I love to try out. Some beauty bloggers or makeup enthusiasts may have a rapidly expanding collection of lipsticks or eyeshadows; for me it is mascaras. I love how they can completely change your makeup look and open up your eyes. If I was asked: 'What are your essential makeup items, if you were trapped on a desert island?', my first answer would be 'mascara'.  

I'm a bit of a drugstore girl so I love affordable mascaras and they take up pretty much the whole of my mascara collection. In total, I own about 9 mascaras. That's a bit much I know but I did get 5 of them for Christmas this year. I have 3 waterproof mascaras and 6 non-waterproof ones. 

Waterproof Mascaras: Maybeline Rocket Volume, Maybeline: The Falsies, MaxFactor: False Lash Effect

Waterproof mascara would be my favourite thing if it was easy to take off and didn't damage your lashes so much. My favourite waterproof mascara would probably be the false lash effect as it gives so much volume but still manages to look natural? I haven't a clue how that works. The mascara doesn't clump either which makes them look that much more natural.

The Maybeline mascaras are pretty good, although I prefer the rocket volume one purely because of the brush, which is incredibly similar to the MaxFactor one. The only problem I have with Maybeline ones are that they have a funky plastic smell which I'm not a fan of. But the longevity of them is incredible; I went on holiday and used the falsies and it stayed on whilst I was snorkelling, in the pool, everywhere! The only problem with the falsies, is that it clumps the lashes as it has a weird 'spoon' brush. But apart from that the maybeline ones are pretty good! Just not as good as the MaxFactor ones.

Non-Waterproof Mascaras: Soap and Glory: Thick & Fast, Bourjous: Volumizer, No7: Extreme Length, MaxFactor: Masterpiece MAX, Estee Lauder: Sumptuous Extreme, Smashbox: Full Exposure. 

In all honesty, the first point I will make is that the high end mascaras are not worth the money. There are much better ones at more affordable prices. The Estee Lauder one is my least favourite as it severely dehydrates your lashes and they feel like they could snap if you touch them. The smashbox one is good, it gives great volume but I still prefer my drugstore ones. 

My favourite one of all has got to be the Soap and Glory: Thick and Fast Mascara. This product is absolutely amazing, it has the biggest brush I have ever seen but it gives amazing volume and the longevity is great. My next favourite one is the MaxFactor: Masterpiece MAX. This is a brilliant mascara as well; it has a much smaller brush that the S&G one but it catches every lash when you sweep it through them. I have been using this mascara for many years and will probably continue to do so! The Bourjois mascara is practically plastic in a bottle. It's very clever as it has two parts, one for separating lashes and one for volumising; it really does work a treat, except the smell is really funky and a bit odd. My last mascara, the No7 one is great, but just for bottom lashes. The brush is tiny and quite scratchy if you use it for your upper lashes. For bottom lashes it works an absolute treat!

So there we go guys! I hope you enjoyed having a sneak peak into my mascara collection! If you liked this type of post then please comment below and suggest things that you would like to see.

Thank you guys and I'll speak to you soon!

Have a great day 



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