Saturday, 24 August 2013


Hello my long lost lovelies that I haven't spoken to in ages!

So basically we (you and I) have been reunited after a long time of unnecessary absence so I thought I would tell you about where I have been for such a long time! As absolutely none of you know, I have been on holiday or 'vacation' recently to the beautiful island of Menorca! For all of you that don't know, Menorca is a small island located in the Mediterranean sea in a small group of islands called the Balearic islands. The Balearic islands consist of three islands. The first is Ibiza, the party island; then there is Majorca and after that Menorca! 

Menorca is Majorca's little brother/sister, whatever your preference and I can safely say that Menorca is the nicer island of the two, I have no opinion on Ibiza seeing as I have never been. Menorca was just such a beautiful country with some amazing weather and people come from all over the world to be on this one small island. 

I met people from all over Europe, I met people from Italy who were so lovely, funny and very kind. I also met people from around my country and they were lovely too! Everyone was very polite and it has been the only island that I have felt truly safe in. 

At some point in my life I would love to visit there again or even live there in the future!

So that's the end of my life update and now on to the emotional part!

Recently, I have hit 1,000 page views which is absolutely incredible and a huge achievement for me. I didn't think anyone would bother to read this blog so to know people from all over the world have read this blog and that some of you have commented or even followed/subscribed to this small space on the internet makes me so happy. It also lets me know that what I love to do is being appreciated by so many of you and I thank you for that.

Thank you so much my lovelies

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Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Random Favourites & YouTube

Hiya Lovelies, 

I thought I'd do another blog post because I have some more favourites to add my July favourites and I thought that I should explain the purpose of my YouTube channel and explain why I started it I suppose!


We'll start with the July Random Favourites, I'm going to start with music seeing as I've discovered two new bands and I love them a lot so I thought I'd share them with you.

1. Saint Raymond

DISCLAIMER: Image is not mine, copied from google images,
Saint Raymond is a lad called Calum from the UK and I discovered him through iTunes' free songs. I love his songs and my favourite one is 'Everything She Wants' because it has such a good guitar bit and it's such a good song! 

2. The Neighbourhood

DISCLAIMER: Image is not mine, found on google images.

The Neighbourhood is an alternative rock band from California and they make such good songs. My favourite songs are 'sweater weather' and 'let it go'. I found this band because of Ingrid aka MissGlamorazzi. She has her own YouTube channel and this was mentioned in one of her favourites. But this band have such an edgy take on rock and I love their music a lot because it's quite different and quite dark? Also, all their music videos are in black and white and I love me some black and white.

3. Iced Tea

Next up, is my favourite drink. I have had an addiction to Iced Tea, I love it so so much because of the fruity flavours you can get, mmm, it's delicious!

So that's my random favourites!


So, as many of you may know, I have recently started a YouTube channel called CollarsnChocolates. Now you're probably wondering, why did you start a YouTube channel when you already have a blog? I thought that I would start a YouTube channel because 1. it makes it easier for me to review things or tell you about my favourites. Secondly, I've always wanted to start a YouTube channel, but I've never had the courage to do so. Thirdly, I have made videos and edited them since an early age and I thought I would make good use of my skills. 

I just love video making, it's an opportunity to meet even more new people and share a passion over the internet and I think that's amazing. YouTube is also a place where I can be myself rather than being my normal quiet self. 

So if you're interested in looking at my channel please click this link: 

Please comment and like my videos as I love to read comments about how I'm doing. I've had a couple of comments already and they've made me so happy and made me want to continue making these little videos that, hopefully, help you guys out. Hopefully, I can bring something new and fresh to the beauty community! If you're also feeling extra nice, you could subscribe to my channel! I would genuinely love you forever.

Thank you for reading as always, I love you all and I'll see or type very soon! 

Bye lovelies!


P.S A new YouTube video is going up today at around 4pm GMT so go on to my channel or follow my twitter for updates! 

Saturday, 3 August 2013

July Favourites Video!

Hello Everyone!

I've decided to have another go at making YouTube videos! Today, it's a video about my July Favourites!  I know you all like to read my favourites blog posts (even though I haven't done one in a while) so hopefully you'll like this new way of showing you my favourites.

If you want to, please comment on the video and on here giving me feedback on how I've done! Also, please like the video and subscribe to my channel as I hope to do more videos if you give me suggestions on things you would like to see!

Sorry, the video is quite long (10 minutes) but if you could spare that time to watch it, it would be great, get comfy and click play!

I hope you enjoy/have enjoyed the video and a new blogpost will be coming next week along with a new video (if you want, please give me feedback)

Bye my lovelies!